About BioNB


Jennifer O’Donnell, M.Sc.

Executive Director

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  • With over 10 years of experience working with early-stage companies in the biotech space, Jennifer is committed to exploring commercial opportunities powered by bioscience and is a champion for the up-and-coming technologies of New Brunswick researchers and biotech organizations.

    Jennifer has a technical background in biomedical research, diagnostic testing for the agriculture industry, high-throughput genomics, and crop biotechnology.

    From 2006 – 2010 she set up and directed a research program in Fredericton (Targeted Growth) where her team supplied plants with new agronomic traits for use in biofuel production.  She was also the organization’s lead on technology transfer with industry collaborators.

    Wendy Yerxa

    Office Manager

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  • Wendy is responsible for all office administration duties at BioNB including records management, financial claims and travel arrangement for international guests. Wendy also assists with the quarterly meetings of BioNB’s Board of Directors. Prior to joining BioNB, Wendy held administrative positions with the Government of New Brunswick and NB Power.

    Andrew Byrne

    Marketing & Comms. Director

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  • Originally from Newfoundland, Andrew studied business with a focus in marketing at Memorial University before moving to China to study Mandarin. There, he was an ESL teacher for 2 years, a marketing manager for a creative startup enterprise for over 3 years, and a marketing consultant for companies such as Edrington China who were trying to understand the realms of both traditional and digital marketing.

    He has 5 languages under his belt as well as over 150 marketing certificates from worldwide corporations such as Facebook, Google, and Tencent. He has spent the last 3+ years of his life in pursuit of understanding worldwide marketing structures, platforms, and tactics.

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    Board of Directors

    Mr. Pat Whalen, President, LuminUltra Technologies Ltd
    Mr. JP Astorino, Managing Director, Forest Protection Limited
    Mr. Greg Adams, Manager, Research and Development, Nurseries and Tree Improvement, J.D. Irving, Limited
    Ms. Lindsay Bowman, Director of Research, NBIF
    Mr. Chris Dickie, Senior Project Executive, New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries (Observer)
    Mr. Dino Kubik, Senior Programs Officer, AAFC (Observer)
    Mr. Francis LeBlanc, Assistant Vice-President Research, Université de Moncton
    Dr. David MaGeeActing Vice-President (Research), University of New Brunswick
    Ms. Debbie McKinnon, Economic Development Officer, ACOA (Observer)
    Dr. Murray McLaughlin, President, McLaughlin Consultants Inc.
    Mr. Daniel Scholten, Director Enterprise Development, ACOA (Observer)
    Mr. Kevin ShiellFormulations and Fermentation Manager, Acadian Seaplants Limited
    Mr. Brennan Sisk, Co-Founder, Mycodev Group
    Dr. Jamey Smith, Executive Director, The Huntsman Marine Science Centre