Colloque Agro-innovation/Agri-Innovation Forum

Shawni Beaulieu April 12, 2018

Beekeepers in New Brunswick as well as Blueberry Growers are facing some important challenges right now in their respective sectors. It is therefore more important than ever to come together with other stakeholders from these sectors to see how collaboration, innovation and research can bring solutions to these ongoing challenges.

Presented as part of Innovation Week in New Brunswick, this one-day forum will highlight how innovation has helped resolve problems in the past as well as showcase the resources that are available to the beekeeping and blueberry growing industries within government, at the Université de Moncton and within the sectors themselves.

Throughout the day speakers and presenters will broach issues such as:

  • added-value to products
  • collaboration with university researchers
  • the potential of agri-tourism
  • and much more!


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