Job Posting: Community Forests International

Shawni Beaulieu January 29, 2018

Forests Intl.’s mission is to fight climate change by empowering rural communities to thrive with nature. We embrace social enterprise as a tool for advancing this mission, and have created a number of businesses and organizations to grow our impact. Together, we save old forests and plant new forests. We bring clean energy and clean water to remote island communities. And we build supply chains connecting New Brunswick to London to Zanzibar in the most unlikely but transformative partnerships.

Together, we have created a place where good ideas become reality – and now we are building an ecosystem where good ideas can grow.


The Social Enterprise Director will help Forests Intl. build out an ecosystem of mission-driven people and organizations by providing business supports to partners around the world. They will work with a deeply collaborative team to:

Write the playbook . . .
Formalize the organization’s process framework for climate smart enterprise creation so that it can be replicated more frequently and more rapidly. Or in other words, make sense of our approach to turning program innovations into new startups so we can share our model and make it better.

Increase the impact . . .
Help grow existing social enterprise initiatives including climate smart spice trading in Zanzibar and carbon offsetting in the Acadian forest. Identify and evaluate additional social enterprise opportunities to guide forward strategies.

Grow the network . . .
Facilitate the launch of the Ecosystem Collective, a multi-stakeholder cooperative for people and companies that put fighting climate change at the core of their mission. Guide members to consensus and action.


See the full job posting here.

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