Twitter Becomes a Battleground for Competitive Bioscience Scavenger Hunt

A Recap of the 2015 New Brunswick Bioscience Twitter Scavenger Hunt Jenny Keleher November 10, 2015

New Brunswick dominated the 2015 National Biotechnology Week Twitter buzz for two whole days during the 3rd annual New Brunswick Bioscience Twitter Scavenger Hunt November 5-6. BioNB loves hosting the Twitter Scavenger Hunt as a fun way to raise awareness for the burgeoning bioscience sector in New Brunswick.

@BioScienceNB tweeted out over 30 questions related to science and business while over a dozen frantic users searched the web for answers and tweeted back their responses. The Hunt tested an array of topics including identifying an organism from a photo, learning about programming and funding for entrepreneurs, and getting up to speed on hot worldwide biotechnology stories.

 In addition to offering a fun educational experience, this year’s prizes were a big draw for participants. Users competed for a flying drone, a GoPro, and other cool tech sponsored by Planet Hatch, Venn, LuminUltra, OpportunitiesNB, and the UNB Wood Science and Technology Centre.   Some of the questions involved just a quick Google including identifying which New Brunswick company wants to treat cancer using shrew venom, or naming which New Brunswick organisation has an online platform that connects entrepreneurs with mentors.

Some questions really had users digging deep, like searching through the 400-page Wood Handbook to find the minimum moisture content of a tree (12-15%, for those curious). It was difficult to stump these sharp minds, even when questions were password protected with riddles or had them searching through presentations from the 2015 Atlantic Biorefinery Conference. Although every contestant took their turn beating their rivals to the punch, science and technology professionals and students had a clear advantage over the crowd. They dominated biology trivia like “why can’t humans digest grass?” and “which type of organism represents more global biomass than all plants and animals combined?”. They nailed the question asking them to identify lab equipment from a photo, and quickly threw together amazing diagrams of biogas systems near the end of the competition.

In total the Hunt granted exposure to nearly 40 companies, professionals, and programs in the bioscience community. The Twitter activity yielded over 500 total #NBW2015 tweets and generated an estimated 367,183 impressions from 491 Twitter mentions by 84 users. BioNB is extremely pleased with the level of engagement from the community and is proud to promote the bioscience sector as the exciting and fast-paced community that it is. Bioscience is transforming how we eat, how we generate energy, and how we use medicine, and we want to the world to know it.

Interested in learning how the Twitter Scavenger Hunt was pulled off? Contact Jenny.


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