Do You Want to be Building Your Dream, or Someone Else’s? admin July 9, 2015

UNB’s Master of Technology Management & Entrepreneurship (MTME) could help you launch a successful business. It will give you the tools and support you need – you just need to supply the energy and enthusiasm.

If you have a degree in science, computer science, or engineering, and an idea you think may have potential, check it out or contact Starts September 2015.

The MTME is not an academic exercise that will have you working on contrived projects and learning about long-dead companies; it’ll have you working on and working in your business. You’ll receive guidance articulating your vision and help charting the right course. You’ll get all the support and encouragement needed, and after 12 months, when the training wheels come off, you’ll have a broad network of people to contact when you want advice, or just need to talk to someone who’s been there – leading a successful company.

There’s a reason Industry Canada ranked UNB number one in teaching and learning entrepreneurship and Startup Canada recognized UNB as the most entrepreneurial post-secondary institution in Canada. Contact the MTME team and they’ll connect you with one of their Technology Management & Entrepreneurship graduates – ask them anything; they’d love to help you make the right decision. Or check out what some of them have said by visiting their testimonials page.

The MTME team is passionate about helping you build your dreams.


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