Bio Launch Recap

admin February 25, 2014

BioNB announced its launch at an event last Friday and it was a massive success! We had a great turnout (even during the hockey game!) and were so grateful for the kind words from everyone. Our Executive Director Meaghan Seagravewelcomed some very special guests to the podium, including Premier David Alward who reminded the crowd of the important role the bioscience sector plays for creating jobs and growing our economy. The Honourable Keith Ashfield also spoke, and was kind enough to point out BioNB’s decades of experience in the sector.

Most people don’t know that the first incarnation of BioNB was created in 1995. Since then we’ve built a strong well-rounded team and as BioNB we’ll be focusing more on industry and tangible results for our partners. Click here to learn more about our history.

Some of our closest bioscience industry friends had the chance to address the crowd, as well, including BIOPolynet, Mycodev Group, Coastal Zones Research Institute, Huntsman Marine Science Centre, Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick, and LuminUltra Technologies. They showcased some very cool hands-on technologies and products that we hope gave guests a better idea of  the sort of research happening around the province.

Real Food Connections catered the event, providing high quality locally sourced foods. We stuffed ourselves with kettle chips, artisan cheeses, smoked salmon, cured meats, and so many other delicious items. We’re always happy to support hard working companies like Real Foods – you, should too!

LuminUltra Technologies hosted the event at their office and granted tours to interested guests. They’ve always been a big supporter of BioNB and the community. LuminUltra has been enjoying impressive, well deserved growth recently. Visit them online and learn more about their biological monitoring technology.

BioNB wants to thank the amazing community of bioscience researchers, companies, agencies, supporters, and friends. We work hard to keep the community working together toward common goals, and will continue to help grow the sector by acting as the information hub and expert business service provider for challenging technologies. Contact anyone on the BioNB team to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

BioNB`s mandate is to drive New Brunswick`s bioeconomy by supporting businesses and researchers who transform our natural resources and capitalise on our knowledge base.

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