BioAtlantech Rebrands with Renewed Vision

For immediate release: admin February 21, 2014

Fredericton, New Brunswick (February 21, 2014) – BioAtlantech, the lead biosciences agency for the province of New Brunswick, has rebranded and will operate under the name BioNB effective immediately. This signals a renewed commitment to being the voice and champion for New Brunswick’s bioscience sector.

Driving NB’s Bioeconomy

Following a very successful year of growth and the appointment of a new executive director, BioNB is poised to champion the sector with an updated vision and mandate. Meaghan Seagrave and her team have streamlined BioNB’s mission by focusing on two streams of value: being the voice of the bioscience sector in New Brunswick; and delivering value to its stakeholders by offering a variety of expert business services tailored to the bioscience sector. With in-house expertise in business development, marketing, and scientific research, BioNB is prepared to unite and strengthen one of our province’s most promising key sectors.

BioNB is the trusted bioscience authority in the province for government, industry, and media, translating and communicating the business opportunities behind the science within a highly technical sector. The not-for-profit organisation has been at the centre of an exciting time in the province, where they have enjoyed an unprecedented dedication to the start-up community and an influx of out-of-province interest in the bio sector’s capacity. The announcement of the Provincial Biosciences Strategy in 2012 and the release of the Atlantic Council for Bioenergy Cooperative’s Fueling the Future Report in 2013 have demonstrated a regional commitment to realising the economic potential within New Brunswick’s bioscience sector. “Researchers and entrepreneurs in our province are transforming our natural resources into innovative, value-added products,” says Seagrave. “Everyone needs to know that this means real job growth and big money.”

“Our Government recognizes the important role that bioscience currently plays in our economy and is committed to working with numerous partners to enhance the growth of this key sector,” said the Honourable Keith Ashfield, Member of Parliament for Fredericton, on behalf of the Honourable Rob Moore, Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency). “We are pleased to support BioNB, an organization with over a decade of experience and expertise in working to support the bioeconomy in New Brunswick, as it strategically re-positions and re-brands itself to help make powerful changes and harness new opportunities.”

“The bioscience sector is an important part of our government’s plan to create jobs and grow the economy,” said Premier David Alward. “We are working with strong partners like BioNB to support the development of new export products and services in emerging and traditional resource based industries such as forestry and forest products, agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries.”

Bioscience Makes Life Better

New Brunswick is home to cutting edge biotechnology with innovative developments in cancer treatment, value-added food, health and wellness supplements, renewable bio-based chemicals, and the transformation of by-products from our forest, agriculture, and marine industries into energy and high-value materials. Not only do new technologies enrich the lives of New Brunswickers, but the growing bioscience industry attracts foreign investment and creates sustainable jobs. BioNB recognizes that bioscience is key to New Brunswick’s rural economic development because it can transform our traditional natural resource sectors.

What are Bioscience and Biotechnology?

Biotechnology involves using living things to develop useful products and processes. For hundreds of years humans have used biotechnology to innovate in traditional manufacturing sectors such as oil and gas, automotive, forest products, agriculture, fisheries and even mining. Many things we use every day or have grown accustomed to accessing would not exist without biotechnology such as cheese, beer, vaccines, more effective and efficient ways to grow food and even some cosmetics.


Over the years, BioAtlantech has been instrumental in generating awareness and expanding collaboration throughout New Brunswick’s bioscience community.  With the official launch of BioNB, the organization is poised to accelerate the development of this strategic pillar of our provincial economy.”

  • Pat Whalen, CEO, LuminUltra Technologies


“BioNB has been a strong asset to our young company and we have continuously relied on their support for everything from finding equipment scattered across New Brunswick to market intelligence. Mycodev Group is only a year old but the help of BioNB has effectively propelled us forward much beyond our years.”

  • David Brown, CTO, Mycodev Group


CZRI/IRZC has benefited from BioNB’s help in many ways, including partnering on two major Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) projects, arranging funding and travel for incoming partnering missions, and executing many small projects. BioNB has introduced us to new startups and other members of the bioscience community resulting in mutually beneficial relationships. The team at BioNB has helped put CZRI and marine biosciences on the map and we fully support their mandate going forward. ”

  • Jacques Gagnon, Scientific Director, Coastal Zones Research Institute

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