BioNB, and Then There Were 6

Andrew Byrne November 26, 2020








BioNB is pleased to announce that Meaghan Seagrave has returned to the helm of BioNB as Executive Director. During her secondment to 1812 Hemp, she grew a start up company in a heavily regulated nascent sector.

With the cannabis sector rationalizing and undergoing significant regulatory changes, 1812 Hemp will be paused as BioNB focuses on growing the sector’s ancillary opportunities.









BioNB would like to thank Jennifer O’Donnell for stepping into the role of Interim Executive Director in June 2019, where she successfully led a newly expanded team through a tumultuous time for the NB economy. Jenn will assume the role of Senior Project Officer for BioNB, retaining many of her project and partnership development responsibilities while supporting the Executive Director.

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