BioNB at ACFFA 2019

Andrew Byrne November 18, 2019

The event that kicked off these several weeks’ worth of trips and events was the Aquaculture Research, Science, and Technology Forum hosted by the Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association (ACFFA).









“There is a strong alignment between dietary challenges that would improve human health and those that would benefit the environment. Sustainable growth in seafood production and consumption, particularly from aquaculture, is at the core of these potential benefits.” – World Resources Institute (2019)

So, it made perfect sense that one of our new team members, Cynthia Callahan, attended as before this role, she had worked at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in St. Andrews. “The ACFFA is an industry funded association providing advocacy and resource support services for the salmon aquaculture industry operating in Atlantic Canada. Our strong regional voice on behalf of the sector is recognized at all levels of government and in community engagement.

We advocate strongly for a responsible, effective regulatory framework that recognizes salmon aquaculture as fish farmers. We are proud of, and actively sponsor, the industry’s corporate social responsibility that can be witnessed in programs that address everything from wild salmon conservation and coastal cleanups to local humanity and youth activities.”




This aquaculture forum is their yearly event that brings together industry professionals to learn about the latest trends, opportunities, innovations, and research in the sector.

 What was your favourite part?

Cynthia Callahan – “The fact that they had worldwide speakers and international panels.”

If you would like to know more about BioNB or the role we play in the ocean sectors, you can contact Andrew Byrne at

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