“Bioscience in New Brunswick” presentation from BioNB’s Meaghan Seagrave

View BioNB Executive Director Meaghan Seagrave's presentation for the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Jenny Keleher December 2, 2015

“What does BioNB do?”

“How are they supporting the New Brunswick economy?”

“What is bioscience, anyway?”

As part of the national Canada’s Resource Champions Initiative, the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce has launched a campaign to bolster awareness for the economic potential lying in our region’s natural resource endowment.  As New Brunswick’s bioscience agency, BioNB was a natural fit for the chamber’s Presentation Day series.

On December 2nd BioNB Executive Director Meaghan Seagrave took to the mic to tell the story of New Brunswick’s natural resources, the value and opportunity, and how New Brunswick can best capitalize on its assets. Click here for the full presentation slide deck.


Meaghan began the presentation by defining bioscience, surprising everyone by letting them know they are “wearing it, eating it, and it is changing your life every day”. From healthcare to sustainable food, clean energy to bio-plastics, bioscience is everywhere. Transforming our natural resources is bioscience, and BioNB is on the front lines helping entrepreneurs do just that.

BioNB supports bioscience companies and researchers by being ourselves:

  • we’re expert connectors
  • we’re know-it-alls
  • we’re coaches and business service providers

If you or a colleague have an idea or technology, get in touch! Just some of the ways we can help:

  • find funding programs that are right for you
  • get help starting or editing your business plan
  • access market intelligence
  • marketing and branding coaching
  • introductions to partners, collaborators, mentors, & key organisations

Click here to introduce yourself or meet our team.

Click here to access Meaghan’s presentation slides.

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