BioTalent Canada Announces an Additional $2.3 Million in Wage Subsidies to Place 200 New Graduates into ‘Green’ Jobs

Shawni Beaulieu December 7, 2017

OTTAWA, November 29, 2017 – BioTalent Canada announced the extension of its wage-subsidy initiative to help new graduates across Canada land a ‘green’ job in biotechnology, environmental and other sectors. The federally-funded program will provide $2.3 million in wage subsidies to facilitate over 200 new placements over the next two years.

Funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Youth Employment Strategy, Career Focus Green Jobs is a wage-subsidy initiative aimed to alleviate youth unemployment. Wage subsidies have a positive historical record of jumpstarting careers especially for new biotech graduates and helping small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) access funding to hire new talent. Read More…

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