Breakthru Finalists Have Been Announced

NB BioMatrix Among the Five Hopefuls admin March 6, 2015

After months of hard work by the companies and careful deliberation by the judges, the five finalists have finally been decided for the 2015 Breakthru Competition. On March 19th the finalists will pitch their way toward the top prize with over $750,000 available to be won. Breakthru Live 2015 will be a real spectacle – click here to get tickets.

Congratulations to Autopulse, Castaway Golf Technologies, SimpTek Technologies, Smart Castle Labs, and bioscience company NB BioMatrix.

NB BioMatrix has enjoyed a period of real growth this past year, having won the 2014 BioInnovation Challenge and just recently hired their first full time employee.

NB BioMatrix’s product, Naqua-Pure, is a magentic compoud that provides cost effective removal of heavy metals in waste water. It’s simple to use, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and easy to handle. An adsorbent, Naqua-Pure increases the density and facilitates the drying of post-treatment wastewater sludge to the extent that it can be used in bio, or plasma reactors for energy generation. Finally, the leftover heavy metals, now ultra dense (vitrified) can be forever removed from the environment.

Click here to learn more about NB BioMatrix and the other Breakthru finalists.

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