Connecting and Advancing Women in the Bio-Economy

BioTalent requesting survey participants to help uncover barriers for women in biotech admin November 5, 2014

Do women face barriers and challenges in biotech? Help us find out!

There has been an 11.5% decrease in the number of biotech companies who employ women since 2008, and in 2013 only 14.4% of companies reported at least half of their staff as female. Meanwhile, 33% of companies report a skills shortage even though 60% of life science graduates are women.

Where is the disconnect?

BioTalent Canada and partners are conducting a needs assessment to identify key challenges women face when integrating into the bio-economy. With skills shortages and access to talent still impeding the industry, it is important women are connected to career opportunities that will advance the industry and address these gaps.

Everyone’s perspective counts

If you are employed in biotech, a student wanting to enter the industry or a biotech employer your comments and ideas are critical in identifying any challenges women face in biotech.

Take the 25 minute survey to offer your perspective.

Importance of employee skills to percentage of selected companies over next three years:

  • Interpersonal and management skills (93.5%)
  • Business development (91.7%)
  • Marketing and communications (89.1%)
  • Computer skills (86.9%)
  • Partnership and networking (84.1%)
  • Research skills (84.2%)


Almost 70% of all Canadian graduates are women, and programs in business, management, and communications still graduate more than 50% women (source). The talent is there, but women are representing less and less of the biotechnology labour market. Take the survey to help uncover any barriers women may face when integrating into the bio-economy.

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