Creating a Culture of Sales: a BioNB Webinar

Join the webinar today (March 16th) Jenny Keleher March 18, 2016

Ce contenue est seulement disponible en anglais.

When: March 16th, 2PM – 3PM.

Feel free to join in at any time during the broadcast.

Click here to register. After registering, keep your eyes peeled for an email with instructions on how to tune in to the live presentation.

“Sales” isn’t just for sales-people, it’s a mindset that is essential in every area of your business – particularly in the early days. A “sales culture” is a “growth culture”, where the most successful ventures have their eyes set on the next growth opportunity.

In this one-hour webinar, Judi Richardson of C-Level Executive Solutions will offer her tips on several facets of strategic networking and how to network for maximum impact. Judi will discuss:

  • Sales mindset and skills
  • Strategies for successful networking
  • Developing strategic relationships
  • Criteria for the right networking sessions for you
  • Making the most of memberships
  • Applying lessons from the sales cycle to product development
  • Instilling “growth” in your leadership and culture

Register here.

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