Perfect Forestry and Environmental Solutions

Service or consulting company


PFES is a consulting company. The following are some of the initiatives of the PFES: (1) Conduct pre-harvest and post-harvest inventory by using LiDAR based cutting edge technology; (2) Develop decision support systems (DSS), optimization models and simulation models; (3) Build forestry, environment and bioenergy related supply chain management (SCM) models; (4) Collaborate with government agencies, institutions, organizations, industries and NGOs for environmental and forestry related research projects; (5) Help PhD, Masters and Undergraduate students for writing research proposals, data collection, data analysis and manuscript writing; (6) Assess socio-economic impacts of forestry, environmental and bioenergy projects; (7) Conduct research on environmental impacts assessment; (8) Assess the risk of forestry and the environmental projects; (9) Conduct geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing projects; and (10) Develop decision support system (DSS) for supplying woody biomass for renewable bioenergy production.