Employment Opportunity: Process Engineer

NB BioMatrix, Saint John, NB Jenny Keleher October 1, 2015

Position: Process Engineer

Location: Saint John, New Brunswick

Description: This full time position is an integral pivot point as N B BioMatrix commercializes several new nanotechnology products, including the lead product Naqua PureTM.  Naqua PureTM is a revolutionary product that works to remove heavy metals from industrial waste water and is expected to be launched 1st quarter 2016.  In preparation for launch the process engineer will work with senior management, the chemical engineers and corporate business partners to guide the company to establish the manufacturing process as a key milestone toward the objective of driving profitability.


  • Work with senior managers to establish priorities
  • Identify manufacturing requirements based on product R&D
  • Design, develop and mitigate issues in the implementation of an optimal manufacturing facility
  • Assist in the establishment of NBBM technologies quality standards
  • Identify and develop customer focused solutions for the use of NBBM technologies
  • Mitigate daily and longer term issues impacting NBBM technologies and affecting profitability


  • Experience in process / manufacturing development, nanotechnology, systems design
  • A recent advanced degree (Masters or above; this position is expected to be funded through a MITACS application)
  • Ability to work individually or in a team approach to address business solutions
  • Strong business acumen

This position will be filled based on successful funding arrangements.

Please forward resumes to Jeff Jennings (jjennings@NBBM.ca )

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