Basics 101 and Best Practices on SR&ED

admin February 4, 2017

August 27, 2015 @ 10:45 am – 12:45 pm
Planet Hatch
Crowther Lane
Fredericton, NB E3C
Planet Hatch

Part 1: SR&ED Basics 101 Learn about Incentives- (10:45AM-11:45AM)

The session will be a high-level introduction to Government Incentives and the SR&ED program in particular.  In this session we will cover

  • Government Incentives Landscape – who funds what.
  • Considerations when sourcing funding – similarities and differences between programs and how they interact.
  •  SR&ED:
    Program Overview
    What qualifies?
    -What makes an R&D project SR&ED?
    -What portions of teh scope of your R&D project
    -Qualifying Expenditure types
    Key Consideratons
    -Describing the SR&ED project- not the same as your R&D project
    -Supporting your claim

Part 2: SR&ED Program Overview- (11:45AM-12:45PM)

 The SR&ED program is the largest source of federal financial support for R&D in Canada with approximately 21,000 claims filed annually.  While the program has been in existence for many years, there are some areas that remain challenging.  Following a brief overview for those less familiar with the SR&ED program, the session will focus on the eligibility of projects, work within those projects, and the information CRA needs to evaluate eligibility.  Some of the key topics:

  • o   SR&ED Program overview
  • o   R&D versus SR&ED: When are they the same?  When are they different?
  • o   What portions of your R&D project is SR&ED
  • o   Supporting your claim
  • o   Describing your SR&ED project – It’s not necessarily the same as your R&D project:

    •   Technological Uncertainties
    •   Work Done
    •   Technological Advancements


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