Business Over Breakfast: Tips and Tricks from NS Start-Up CEOs

admin January 6, 2017

September 23, 2016 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Technology Innovation Centre
1 Research Dr
Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4M9

It’s been long revered as the best position… CEO. But the role comes with many challenges, including navigating the complex seas of business plans, market research and everyone’s favourite… fundraising.

Join us on September 23 in Dartmouth (or Sydney via webcast) and hear from our proverbial Rat Pack (sans Sinatra).

The leaders of TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture, Dash Hudson, Proposify and Skyline will shed light on the reality of holding that glorified moniker. With a variety of trials, triumphs and experiences under their belts, this gang will bring lots of valuable insights to the session.

Gregg Curwin, Founder & CEO, TruLeaf ( – Gregg founded TruLeaf in 2011 after numerous entrepreneurial successes in the medical device distribution, biologics, manufacturing, retail, and health consulting sectors. TruLeaf’s Smart Plant System is an innovative technology that leverages multi-level vertical farming to create a controlled, efficient indoor farm to grow fresh produce anywhere in the world, year round.

Thomas Rankin, Co-Founder & CEO, Dash Hudson ( – Thomas co-founded Dash Hudson in 2013 and now the company’s marketing platform is used by the world’s most discerning brands as a one-stop solution for Instagram insights. Dash Hudson’s most recent endeavor? Tackling Snapchat analytics. Before pursuing his own start-up, Thomas was an investment director at Innovacorp and worked with many Nova Scotia technology entrepreneurs.

Kevin Springer, Co-Founder & President, Proposify ( – Kevin launched Proposify in 2012 after he and his co-founder experienced pain points first hand at their former web design agency. Proposify is a SaaS-model web application that addresses the pain points of proposal writing. The team was recently featured in TIME’s online magazine for their perseverance along the road to start-up success.

Hai Hu, CEO, Skyline ( – Hai and his team moved from China to Nova Scotia in late 2015 through Innovacorp’s Start-Up Visa Program and have quickly become a part of the local start-up ecosystem. With a deep knowledge of software engineering and a strong business sense, Hai founded Skyline in 2014. The company’s technology is an all-in-one enterprise mobile communication and management suite that helps small and medium-sized enterprises become faster, smarter and more efficient.

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