Face to Face Conference

admin January 6, 2017

June 26, 2016 @ 12:27 pm – June 28, 2016 @ 1:27 pm
The Algonquin Resort
184 Adolphus St
Saint Andrews, NB E5B
Ashley Stobo
(902) 494-5819

Face to Face is a haven. A place to come together. It provides 3 days of focus on the leader. Focus on the person who is directly connected and responsible for the growth of a business. The critical person for success.

Face to Face is an outlet. A place where it’s ok to admit mistakes and challenges. It’s a place to find help, guidance and support from a non-judgemental group who has been in your shoes. A place to establish strong, lasting peer-mentoring relationships that will see you through future ups and downs.

Face to Face brings you into a longstanding, supportive community with an eagerness to help and mentor their fellow Face to Facers on the path to business growth.

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