Genesis Centre Evolution Program – Call for Applications

admin February 4, 2017

January 29, 2016 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Angelo Casanas

The Genesis Centre is now accepting applications for their Winter 2016 Evolution program. Are you working on an idea for a product, company or service? The Evolution program is an eight-week intensive workshop to help entrepreneurs validate their business ideas and get them to market. The program is perfectly suited for early stage entrepreneurs who have any business idea.

Done in three phases, the program is derived from best practices and integrates e-learning, in-person workshops, and customer interviews. It blends the Lean Startup movement with programs from the Silicon Valley, including Google’s “Startup NEXT” program.

The Evolution program enables participants to validate their ideas and identify potential markets, while enabling them to quickly learn if their business model will work. After eight weeks, the program culminates with “Pitch and Pick”, a pitching event that brings together entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors. Last fall’s “Pitch and Pick” event garnered much attention for the program’s largest cohort of ten companies.

“Whether you’re planning to apply to the Genesis Centre’s incubation program or need objective feedback on your product idea, the Evolution program helps you reach that goal. The eight-week program delivers what would normally take a year or two for an entrepreneur to experience in the real world,” said Greg Hood, president and chief executive officer, of the Genesis Centre. “Ultimately, it optimizes an entrepreneur’s chances of success in the market,” he added.

Past participants in Evolution include HeyOrca, a social media platform developer, and B Sharp!, which was founded by a local musician whose goal is to teach children and musicians to read music.

The deadline for applications is January 29, 2016. Interested parties can apply on the Evolution program page on the Genesis Centre website.

The program fee for Evolution is $50 per team member, which goes directly toward covering program logistics.

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