Let’s Talk Green Jobs: a Conversation with David Coon

admin February 4, 2017

February 20, 2016 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Three Sister's Cafe
289 Regent St
Fredericton, NB E3B 3X3

Creating Jobs in the New Green Economy with Bill 5, The Green Jobs Act


It was our use of renewable resources from the forest, the soil and the sea that built our province, creating plentiful work and business opportunities. Today, visionary New Brunswickers are developing our renewable resources to deliver the clean energy we need to combat climate change and create jobs.  This is a real growth sector for New Brunswick. This is where the jobs are.  This is how we can progress and keep the world from warming by 1.5 degrees C.  We need to create the conditions for:

  • Passive solar homes and green buildings
  • Bioenergy, biofuels and biogas from our forests and farms.
  • Solar energy for heating and power generation.
  • Geothermal energy for heating and cooling
  • Wind energy for power generation
  • Run-of-the-river hydro power

NB Power is developing a smart electrical grid that will enable the widespread use of electric vehicles, the integration of rooftop solar power, and the storage of energy from the sun and wind.

  • Job creation in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries outpaces job growth in traditional energy sectors by a factor of 15 to 2.


  • We could create as many as 1,400 jobs per year, according to a study done for the New Brunswick by fully developing our energy efficiency potential in our homes, buildings and machinery .
  • Ontario has created 20,000 jobs, attracted 30 clean energy companies and $27 billion in private sector investment as a result of its green energy legislation.


  • Massachusetts created 28,000 green jobs in its clean technology sector now worth $10 billion, following the enactment of green jobs legislation in 2008,.


To drive growth and job creation in green buildings and renewable energy, we need legislation.  That was the catalyst for green job creation in Massachusetts and Ontario.   That’s why it’s so important to support Bill 5, the Green Jobs Act.  It is needed to create the right conditions for growth and job creation in the clean energy sector in New Brunswick.



Where Do We Stand?


  • 54% of all energy consumed in New Brunswick is oil, 17% from natural gas, and 10% from coal. That means 81% of the energy consumed in New Brunswick comes from fossil fuels.


  • Canada is the 11th largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world.


  • New Brunswick has the third highest emissions per capita of all the provinces.


  • In the Paris Accord, Canada has committed to do its part to try to keep the world from warming by 1.5 degrees C and to avoid 2 degrees of warming altogether.


  • The International Energy Agency concluded that two-thirds of the world’s proven reserves of oil, gas and coal must be left in the ground to avoid 2 degrees of warming.


Here’s the Hope


The good news is that weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels will drive growth and job creation that will shrink our carbon footprint.  The Green Jobs Act will:


Step 1: Help Reduce our Consumption: Build homes that cost as little to heat as $10 per month. Renovate buildings to cut their energy costs by a third to a half.


Step 2: Green our Smart Grid:  Aim for 100% of our electricity generated by renewable sources.  We’re almost a third of the way there.


Step 3: Shift our Supply:  Fuel our vehicles with electricity and biofuels.  Heat our homes with heat pumps, bioenergy and solar.  Expand public transit and run it on electricity, biofuels and biogas.


Step 4: Create thousands of jobs in the trades, the biosciences, information technology, manufacturing, services and sales.

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