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March 7, 2016 @ 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Volta Labs
1505 Barrington St
Halifax, NS B3J

Most organizations and people in Nova Scotia say that they agree with the One Nova Scotia Collaborative Action Plan which stresses the need to attract and keep young people in Nova Scotia. This is an opportunity to support a university program that provides young, well  educated and experienced people. Come, meet and learn.

“Looking for innovative, entrepreneurial talent?  Need employees who are trained in the entire “Start Up” process, from Innovation Processes and Management to Commercialization and Business Development.  Join us on March 7th, 5:00 – 7:30 and hear from the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship Innovation (MTEI) Internship students as they “pitch” themselves and what they can offer you to help your business. 


MTEI Intern students have the skills to become innovators and to grow a business whether it is a startup or a long established organization.  With an average of five years work experience, MTEI  students have already demonstrated a track record of success and have the knowledge, skills and abilities to help companies drive innovation and solve complex business challenges”.


Since simply learning skills in class does not provide the kind of experiential training that working in a business environment does, the MTEI program has an internship segment for those students who wish to gain experience in the real world. This internship segment takes place after all the major course work has been completed. This internship of eight months provides the student with the opportunity to work within an organization and provides the organization with the opportunity to bring a well-educated and experienced person on staff with no long term commitment of any kind. It is a true win-win opportunity which lets both the student and the organization evaluate each other and, if all goes well, can result in a long term working relationship. The following comments from Isak Rydlund, the COO of Pacta, show the potential value of the internship program:

    “At PACTA we had the opportunity to bring on one of the MTEI students for an eight month internship. The student quickly became an integral part of the team developing our new and innovative contract management product that helps companies keep track of their signed business contracts. The quality of the work the student consistently delivered to the project was so impressive that we decided to bring him on board as a full time employee starting the day after his internship ended. Partnering with the MTEI program is a win-win for both companies and students and we definitely recommend it.”

There are currently 13 interns available as of the end of April. All are “from away” and interested in working in Canada. They have a wide variety of experience and skills and are able to function both autonomously and in a team environment. They will provide any organization with fresh ideas and great skills acquired through their academic background and work experience. Bringing one or more of these students into your organization will be beneficial to your business, the student and to Nova Scotia. The hourly rate for these experienced students is reasonable and there is the possibility of some assistance from government programs. This truly is a win-win opportunity. To register for the event go to

To learn more about the candidates and the program go to:

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