Our Top Talent 2015

admin February 4, 2017

November 19, 2015 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Fredericton Convention Centre
670 Queen Street
Fredericton, NB E3B 1C2
Vanessa Paesani

Find and encourage the top NB student talent entering the job market this year. Come to hear them pitch why you should support and/or hire them!

To nominate a student, or to apply as a student: http://www.wallacemccaininstitute.com/our_top_talent.

To attend as an employer or community supporter: http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/our-top-talent-finals-tickets-17747025832

Our Top Talent finalists to secure jobs in NB –  Connecting Students with Business Leaders

Fredericton – NB, Our Top Talent  (OTT) an initiative of the Wallace McCain Institute ran for its third consecutive year connecting top graduating students with NB based employers. High achieving and performing students who were destined to leave the province.  The 2012 initiative was in developed to address students’ perception that there are no opportunities in New Brunswick and showcase to employers that new graduates might not have the 3-5 years work experience but they have talent and potential.

“At OTT, I learned that there are many individuals who are investing in the future of New Brunswick, and that not all “good” jobs are out west – there are countless opportunities to make a positive impact, develop one’s skills, and earn some money along the way and they are right here in New Brunswick.” said Sara Taaffe, one of two winners of Our Top Talent, awarded title of most hirable new graduate in New Brunswick. Taaffe, originally from Alberta is a graduating from Renaissance College at the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor Degree of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Leadership with a minor in Entrepreneurship.

OTT is a dragons’ den style pitch competition where students pitch to New Brunswick employers for business cards as oppose to investment capital. Each year approximately 20 students enter the dragons’ den one by one to deliver a 2 minute pitch to 100 NB based companies. The two minute pitch is intense and places pressure on students, because they are pitching for a 100 jobs in 2 minutes, however, all participants leave feeling like Peter McGaw, “there are great rewards in taking risks and stepping outside of my comfort level, OTT gave me the confidence that I will require as I take the first steps into my new career.” McGaw is one of two winners of OTT, graduating from the University of new Brunswick with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, previously holding a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Bachelor of Education in Social Studies and English.

Employers in the room include the New Brunswick Business Council and alumni of the Wallace McCain Institute, which is made up of mostly small and medium size companies in growth phase. Each student is bid on and business cards are collected for students. The business card represents an opportunity, a chance to have a coffee, access the employers network, an internship or employment. In 2013, 100% of OTT finalists maintained a relationship or network connection from that day, we also saw a higher matching rate with 80% of students having successfully secured an employment opportunity within 6 months of the pitch competition, up from 73% in the pilot year of 2012.

Following OTT, Taaffe said her “employment opportunities within New Brunswick are looking much brighter“ and McGaw was mostly impressed  with “the talent and ambition of the other students.”

The Wallace McCain Institute (WMI) at the University of New Brunswick is to support the next generation of senior business leaders in the Greater Atlantic Area (GAA) to meet the complex challenges facing in that area. WMI is a catalyst for shifting the business culture of the province and advancing the values of entrepreneurship and innovation. The development and deepening of relationships and networks is fundamental to how the Institute delivers on its mandate.

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