The Shift: Productivity, Your Organization, & The Future of Atlantic Canada

admin February 4, 2017

November 30, 2015 – December 2, 2015 all-day
Delta Beausejour
750 Main Street
Moncton, NB E1C 1E3
Symplicity Designs

Join us on November 23rd (evening), 24th, and 25th 2015 at the Crowne Plaza Moncton Downtown for a conference aimed at shaping the future of Atlantic Canadian business, government, and nonprofits.  

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Picture a frog in a pan of water, the heat slowly increasing one degree at a time. The frog, not realizing that the heat is slowly moving to fatal levels, fails to react until it is too late. This is the state of Atlantic Canada today – a society on the verge of crisis due to an aging population and low economic growth.

All is not lost. Atlantic Canadian thought leaders have identified the problem and a small but strong core of organizations have taken action. The movement has begun, but few businesses in the region have grown sustainably to provide more value and support for their communities.

Businesses, Government, and Community groups must take the leap out of the pan together. The SHIFT is about moving from a focus on Produce to a focus on Productivity; from Volume to Profitable Volume; from Frustration to Clarity.

The SHIFT, a conference on Productivity, Your Organization, & the Future of Atlantic Canada, is bringing you the best proven practices to deal with the region’s challenges. Gain a new perspective and new tools to improve faster and become a high performing organization.

Invest in your organization and stretch your mind!

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