Federal and Provincial Governments Invest more than $6.6M for Research, Innovation, Applied Science, and Education

Developments at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre will contribute to a stronger aquaculture sector Jenny Keleher September 14, 2016

St. Andrews, N.B. – Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency – September 14, 2016

The provincial and federal governments are investing more than $6.6 million towards two new projects at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre (Huntsman) to improve water supply and further develop the Centre’s research, innovation, applied science, and education programs.

Karen Ludwig, Member of Parliament for New Brunswick Southwest and the Honourable Brian Gallant, Premier of New Brunswick joined officials with Northern Harvest Sea Farms and the Huntsman to make the announcement today.

The first project announced today includes the installation of a new system that will more than double the Huntsman’s salt water supply. The increased water supply will enable the Huntsman to expand all aspects of its operations and support responsible development of marine and coastal communities, industries, and environments. The Government of Canada, through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, is investing $2 million under the Innovative Communities Fund, while the Province of New Brunswick is investing $1.15 million and the Huntsman $350,000.

The second project involves investments in a suite of programs to carry out selective broodstock development services for salmon and other aquaculture species. This project will support and highlight the economic benefits of these Huntsman services to commercial clients, and further develop the Huntsman’s full complement of research, innovation, and applied science. The Government of Canada, through ACOA’s Atlantic Innovation Fund, is contributing $2,996,780 toward this project, which will be combined with $1,241,764 from Northern Harvest Sea Farms, $495,475 from the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, and $23,000 from Huntsman.

These funding commitments also complement the Government of Canada’s Innovation Agenda which is designed to make Canada a global centre for innovation—one that creates jobs, drives growth across all industries and improves the lives of all residents. Today’s investments are a perfect example of this vision in action.

Over the coming weeks, additional investments through the Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) totalling over $7.7 million will be announced, bringing the total AIF investments in Atlantic Canada in 2016 to over $38 million.  These investments focus on supporting advancements in clean energy and green manufacturing technologies, detection technologies for disease, as well as projects like these to improve the health, growth and broodstock of Atlantic farmed salmon. Further, these investments build on the commitments made by the Government of Canada and the four Atlantic Provinces in the recently launched Atlantic Growth Strategy.


“Innovation is the path to inclusive growth. It fosters a thriving middle class and opens our country to new economic, social and environmental possibilities and is essential in shaping our future. That is why the Government of Canada is committed to supporting projects like the ones being undertaken by the Huntsman Marine Science Centre, which are leading the way in marine research and development.”

– The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and Minister responsible for ACOA

As the growth in demand for aquaculture products continues, so too do consumer expectations for sustainable management practices. This creates a challenge for aquaculture companies to continue to provide a safe, healthy and sustainable seafood supply in a manner that minimizes the impact on the environment. Science and innovation are at the heart of meeting this challenge and thanks to these investments from the Government of Canada, the Huntsman Marine Science Centre will continue to make an important contribution to advancing the development of sustainable aquaculture practices that will benefit the Atlantic region and indeed, the entire country.”

–       Karen Ludwig, Member of Parliament for New Brunswick Southwest

“Economic growth is the priority of New Brunswickers.  These research projects that we are supporting will create jobs and enhance our research capacity in the aquaculture sector.”

–        The Honourable Brian Gallant, Premier of New Brunswick

“The Huntsman has played a significant role in research, development, and education related to our marine and coastal communities since we were founded in 1969. These investments today are note only recognition of our successes, but also a demonstration of our tremendous potential.

–       Fraser Walsh, Chairman of the Board, Huntsman Marine Science Centre

“Northern Harvest Sea Farms is committed to investing in research and innovation in support of the sustainable and responsible development of the aquaculture sector in New Brunswick and the Atlantic region. This partnership with the Huntsman will enhance the work of our company to bring locally grown high quality products to a global market.”

–       Larry Ingalls, President, Northern Harvest Sea Farms Ltd.

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Policy Analyst
New Brunswick Regional Office
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA)

Bruce MacFarlane
Regional Development Corporation

Dr. Jamey Smith
Executive Director
Huntsman Marine Science Centre
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Project Descriptions

Established in1969 and located in St. Andrew’s N.B., the Huntsman Marine Science Centre (Huntsman) is a non-profit research, education and tourism institution, focused on aquatic science.  To enhance its sustainability, it has strategically concentrated on its traditional lines of business with a strong focus on the growth of high margin services.  It is one of the largest employers in southwest New Brunswick with 47 employees, many with advanced degrees.

Salt water supply project

ACOA Assistance: $2,000,000  (ICF Non-Repayable)
Province Of New Brunswick :  $1,150,000
Proponent Funding: $350,000
Total Project Costs: $3,500,000

With investments of $2,000,000 under ACOA’s Innovative Communities Fund, and $1.15 million from the Province of New Brunswick, the Huntsman will undertake the installation of a new salt water intake system to increase its salt water capacity. This new system will provide the facility with access to an increased volume of salt water which will be of benefit to the Huntsman and to the economy of the region. The new system will enable the Huntsman to provide increased capacity and improved water quality to its current and future aquatic research clients.

Broodstock development project

ACOA Assistance: $2,996,780  (AIF Non-Repayable)
Proponent Funding: $23,000
Northern Harvest Sea Farms: $1,241,764
New Brunswick Innovation Foundation: $495,475

Total Project Costs: $4,757,019

With an investment of nearly $3 million under the AIF, this second project will highlight the economic benefits of Huntsman’s Broodstock Development Services to commercial clients, and further develop its Fish Health research and services. Broodstock are mature species used in aquaculture for breeding purposes. The project is designed to optimize commercially relevant production and fitness traits through successive generations, and the company anticipates higher productivity, product quality, and profitability.

This project will result in three new functionalities at Huntsman: (1) measuring performance criteria of second generations produced with its key collaborator, Northern Harvest Sea Farms to validate the real economic benefits of this approach; (2) carrying out multiple broodstock services concurrently; and (3) extending Huntsman’s capacity to undertake pathogen challenge testing.

Huntsman’s Broodstock Development Services lead to higher growth rates and yield for commercial clients, better fish survival and fewer losses to diseases, pests and deformities – all of which are critical to economic success of client companies for both established and emerging cultivated species.   It is anticipated that this project will result in the creation of five new positions in the Aquatic Services division at Huntsman.

ACOA’s Innovation Programming

ACOA’s innovation programming, which includes the Atlantic Innovation Fund and the Business Development Program, responds to the evolving needs of Atlantic businesses and researchers. It is designed to help bring to market new products, technologies and services that will improve the competitiveness and productivity of the Atlantic economy. These programs also provide support to small and medium-sized enterprises across the region to acquire or adapt innovative technologies that can improve their productivity and competitiveness, while also enabling them to build the skills they need to innovate and compete in today’s global economy.

Since January 2016, the Government of Canada through ACOA, has announced investments of over

$30.6 million for 14 innovation and R&D projects in the Atlantic region. New investments totaling over $7.7 million will be announced over the coming weeks, bringing ACOA’s total investments for innovation projects in 2016 to over $38 million.

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