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Expanding Market Opportunities Program

Funding Agency - Canadian Forestry Service
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Under Budget 2012, the federal government invested $105 million, over two years, to support Canada’s forest sector. The funding is targeted at fostering innovation and expanding market opportunities for the sector. Additional funding of $92 million, over two years, was announced under Budget 2013 to further support market diversification and forest sector innovation. This funding is available until March 31, 2016. The Expanding Market Opportunities Program (EMO) has two components: an Offshore Markets component, the goal of which is to maintain and grow international forest product markets while promoting Canadian forest products as an environmentally responsible choice; a North American component, the goal of which is to expand wood use in the North American non-residential and mid-rise construction market and position Canada as a world leader in sustainable forest management and a preferred source of sustainable forest products. Most projects funded under EMO are cost-shared with industry and other partners, with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) providing up to 50% of eligible project costs. EMO combines activities previously delivered under three separate forest sector–related programs that no longer exist as stand-alone programs: the Canada Wood Export Program (first established in 2002 and focused on offshore markets), North American Wood First Initiative (first established in 2007, focused on North American markets) and Leadership in Environmental Advantage in Forestry (first established in 2007, focused on highlighting the environmental credentials of Canadian forest products for buyers in Asia, Europe and North America).