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Research Assistantships Initiative

Funding Agency - NBIF
Open to the following province(s): New Brunswick
This competition is open.
Application Deadline: January 26, 2018
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The Research Assistantships Initiative (RAI) is a joint initiative between NBIF and the New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labor (PETL). It provides applied researchers some of the funding they need to hire undergraduate and graduate student research assistants. Researchers may apply for more than one assistant.Researchers can be funded for more than one graduate research assistantship in any specific round. Graduate Research Assistantships are awarded at $10,000 each. Undergraduate Assistantships are $5,000 each. RAI contributions can be used to top up other funding sources and can be allocated to one or more students. Funding is advanced to the college or university first, and then disbursed to the student(s) in the form of a salary, fellowship or stipend. Ideally, all funds are to be used within one year, however, any unused funding is automatically extended for one additional year with NBIF approval. RAI funding is not transferable to other colleges or universities.Applications must fit with one of NBIF’s strategic industries. Research programs that demonstrate value-added relationships with the private sector are encouraged.