Hire an Intern and Receive Funding Through the Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative

Jenny Keleher April 26, 2017

Canadian producers and organizations can receive funding to hire an intern to help them implement environmentally beneficial projects. The Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative is designed to hire youth aged 15 to 30 for internships up to 12 months. The program has been approved for a 2 year period; applications start April 26th, 2017.

Who qualifies?

  • Producers operating farms
  • Agricultural organizations, including watershed groups and companies providing environmentally beneficial services
  • Research organizations

This is an opportunity for Canada’s agriculture sector to explore environmentally beneficial projects. This program removes the risk of hiring skilled staff so that groups can take on ambitious projects that contribute to a sustainable bioeconomy.

For an application form and more details on the program, please visit: Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative.

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