Innovation, Partnership and Growth – Welcome to the Maritimes’ Thriving Bio-Economy!

BioTalent Canada, July/August Newsletter admin July 24, 2013

The bio-economy is indeed vibrant in the Maritimes.  New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island have over 20 universities and research centres, hundreds of biotech companies, and 50,000 miles of coastline, making for exceptionally rich resources to feed innovation, discovery and development.

The regional bioscience associations of the three Maritime Provinces have much to say about the ingredients that contribute to their sector’s success.

… “We are a region rich in academic history and natural resources,” says Meaghan Seagrave, Operations Manager at BioAtlantech. “When you combine one with the other, you get a great blend of innovation within our traditional sectors and R&D being spun out of our academic institutions,” she said.

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What do you think is New Brunswick’s best advantage when it comes to fueling innovation? Talent? Natural resources? Let us know in the comments!


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