Job posting: Scientific Director (Peat, Soil, and Sustainable Development)

Coastal Zones Research Institute Jenny Keleher January 8, 2016

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The Coastal Zones Research Institute (CZRI), located in Shippagan New-Brunswick, is inviting high level scientists to apply for the position of Scientific Director in the department of ‘Peat, Soil and Sustainable Development’.

The CZRI is a non-profit organization currently undergoing organizational changes and
identifying new objectives. During this transition, the CZRI is re-working its’ image and culture in an effort to create a more entrepreneurial structure and to gain more value from research results and industry partnerships. In the end, the goal of the CZRI is to become self-sufficient.


Principle duties of the Scientific Director (hereafter SD) in the department of Peat, Soil and
Sustainable Development under the CZRI’s general management.

  • Lead a group of research projects connected to the agriculture, horticulture and environmental sectors
  • Participate in the organization’s strategic development
  • Create partnerships
  • Co-ordinate, manage and implement scientific work and techniques
  • Human resource management of assigned personnel
  • Participate in economic development and take an active interest in the operations of the CZRI
  • Establish appropriate research directions together with the CZRI’s general management and other project managers
  • Create an environment suitable for generating new ideas in an effort to keep moving forward
  • Ensure that research in which the CZRI participates is scientifically sound
  • Respect scientific policies and ethics of the research
  • Oversee that confidentiality agreements with CZRI’s partners be respected, as well as the intellectual property of products and discoveries
  • Evaluate the potential for commercialization of research results attributed to the department, in keeping with the business plan of the CZRI

Click here to view the full official job posting.

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