Low Carbon Economy Challenge

Shawni Beaulieu April 9, 2018


The Low Carbon Economy Challenge is part of the Low Carbon Economy Fund. It will leverage Canadian ingenuity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and generate clean growth in support of Canada’s clean growth and climate action plan, the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. The Challenge is broken into two streams:

1) Champions stream

The $450 million Champions stream will provide funding to all eligible applicants (provinces and territories, municipalities, Indigenous communities and organizations, businesses and not-for-profit organizations.) The Champions stream is now open for applications, with a deadline of May 14, 2018.

2) Partnerships stream

The $50M Partnerships stream is limited to Indigenous communities and organizations, small and medium-sized businesses, not-for-profit organizations and small municipalities. This stream will help ensure a broad range of Canadians are able to participate in the Challenge. The Partnerships stream will be open for applications later in 2018.

Potential applicants are invited to submit an Expression of Interest to Environment and Climate Change Canada. If a project is eligible for the two streams, applicants are encouraged to apply to each of them. Each stream will have a separate selection process.

Proposals will be reviewed. Applicants with the most promising project ideas will be invited to submit a formal proposal. Those proposals will undergo a thorough review by Government of Canada officials. Successful projects will be selected based primarily on their ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The evaluation will also consider a project’s potential contribution to clean growth, energy savings and job creation.

More information on how to apply available here.

BioNB is happy to offer assistance if needed. Feel free to contact us at info@bionb.org

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