Network in the Netherlands: Join Mission to Two Major International Conferences

BioNB is coordinating a mission to World Bio Markets 2016 & Eco-Bio 2016 Jenny Keleher January 25, 2016

BioNB is coordinating a mission to two major international conferences for bio-based technologies and business. Learn below if Eco-Bio or World Bio Markets are a fit for you, and contact Jennifer O’Donnell for questions or to express interest in joining the mission.


EcoBio 2016

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

March 6-9, 2016


Eco-Bio is Europe’s premier conference on industrial bio-based innovation as it relates to developing economically feasible, sustainable, and ecologically friendly bio-based products. The conference includes speakers from around the world, forum discussions, workshops and an unprecedented list of site tours to: Suiker Unie, Heineken, The Port of Rotterdam, FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre, Algae Parc Wageningen and Delft’s Bioprocess Pilot Plant and the DSM Biotech Campus.


This conference is for those companies, researchers and organizations looking to diversify their product offering through biorefining of natural resources. This event includes substantial opportunities to meet and partner with European based companies, technologies and partners.


The conference’s focus is on new and emerging industrial viable, safe and ecologically friendly bio-based solutions for the materials, food and health sectors and chemical energy and transportation sectors.


World Bio Markets 2016

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

March 14-17, 2016


For the 11th successive year World Bio Markets (WBM) unites the leaders of the bio-based economy for a senior executive level gathering. Bringing together core strategic decision makers, WBM hosts those actively pursuing the partnerships that shape the bio-based marketplace. From land to brand, via innovation, technology, finance and design, WBM truly connects the entire bioeconomy for biofuels, biochemicals and bioenergy.


This conference will deliver strategic networking and B2B partnering opportunities with some of the world’s largest industrial bio-based executives (chemical, fuel and power producers). Learn from presentations about the risks and rewards of building your business in this climate and global case-studies to provide an overview of the bioeconomy and its opportunities around the world.


BioNB will be supporting a mission to EcoBio 2016 and World Bio Markets ( with site visits and B2B meetings with European delegates from the Netherlands, Denmark and France. If you are looking for new technologies, partnerships, soft-landings for your company in Europe or simply want to check out the competition, please join us.

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