Business Award Winners Tell the Story of New Brunswick

Jenny Keleher May 2, 2017

By Jenny Keleher


If you think “knowledge industry” is synonymous with “information technology” then you would be wrong. In recent years, the KIRAs (Knowledge Industry Recognition Awards) have been a platform to showcase the breadth of innovative technology that make up New Brunswick’s knowledge industry. Any organization whose activities rely on intellectual capital, such as the value of their workers’ knowledge, is a member of the knowledge economy.

Case in point: this year’s KIRA nominees. 21 finalists in 7 categories represent some of this province’s coolest projects and smartest people who are challenging the status quo in their respective industries. We think these stories need to be told, so over the past few years we have done our part by submitting as many nominations as we can muster.

Of our 14 nominations this year, 7 made the list of finalists. We’re proud of our “bio-bias” because bioscience is an inclusive category that comprises innovation in natural resources, medical devices, life sciences, brewing, and even IT platform applications that transform these industries.

We think this year’s KIRA finalists are a great representation of the knowledge industry in New Brunswick given the talent and innovation happening across all our sectors. We invite you to take the time to read up on these organizations, and learn a bit more about how New Brunswick-based teams are changing how the world treats cancer, tracks insect outbreaks, catches criminals, and even prepares our forests for climate change.



2017 KIRA Finalists

(Click on the names for more info. Or you could, y’know, Google them)

Innovation Champion

Most Innovative Start-Up

Most Innovative Product or Service

Innovation Through Technology

Economic Impact Through Innovation

Premier’s Award for Innovation (Private Sector)

Premier’s Award for Innovation (Public Sector)


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