New report presents recommendations for development and expansion of Atlantic Canada’s bio-based economy

Shawni Beaulieu October 31, 2017

BioNB is excited to release the BioEconomy Now: Atlantic Canada’s Low Carbon Bio-Based Economy report.

This report was commissioned by BioNB to clarify, assess and present the true extent of the bioeconomy in the Atlantic region and to build a business case for its further expansion and development. After 12 months of data gathering, identifying market trends and looking at the economic impact opportunity of the bioeconomy on the region, the report culminated in recommendations to be considered in order to realize the real environmental and economic benefits for the region.

These recommendations included:

  1. Better inventorying or our regional assets
  2. Improved local and regional commitment and leadership dedicated to the bioeconmy
  3. Implementation of a regional renewable fuel standard
  4. Incentives for companies to reduce their carbon footprints
  5. Operation cost and debt reduction mechanisms and production incentives for bio-based products
  6. Increased project financing for biorefining projects that will help the region and Canada reduce its green house gas emissions

The bio-based economy includes the use of biomass feedstocks from agricultural, forestry, aquaculture, marine and municipal waste to produce bioproducts, energy and fuels.

Download the Executive Summary

Full report available upon request.

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