North Taste Flavourings wins the $25,000 START[2020] Competition

Andrew Byrne July 16, 2020




For Release on June 16, 2020 – 10:00 AM

Contact: Sebastian Green

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North Taste Flavourings wins the $25,000 START[2020] Competition.

[Atlantic Canada, July 14, 2020] IGNITE, The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub, BioNB, Innovacorp, Bioenterprise, and Emergence are pleased to announce the winner of START[2020], a bioresource innovation pitch competition for entrepreneurs, startups, and existing businesses across Atlantic Canada.

Hosted as part of the virtual Atlantic BIOCON series, START[2020] saw five finalists pitch for a chance to win. The organizing team sourced leaders in the bioresource space to judge the competition and the panel included; Mark St. Onge – Small Foods, Shelley King – Natural Products Canada, Eddie Francis – Emergence, Dave Smardon – Bioenterprise, and Murray McLaughlin – McLaughlin Consultants.

North Taste Flavourings will be taking home the $25,000 prize package for their innovative manufacturing process to create nano-materials derived from shell waste. For decades, North Taste has been operating as a secondary seafood processor, manufacturing all-natural seafood concentrates from marine by-product material obtained from Atlantic Canada primary seafood processors. With the help of START[2020] they will be expanding on these processes to create even more value from existing waste streams.

The START[2020] competition is a partnership between IGNITE, The Innovation Hub, BioNB, Innovacorp, and BioEnterprise, with support from Emergence, to support bioresource innovation in Atlantic Canada and to highlight current innovators in the ecosystem.

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“START[2020] was created to build an ecosystem of sustainable innovation in Atlantic Canada and to help entrepreneurs, startups, and existing businesses bring their ideas to reality. This competition also represents collaborative, inter-provincial, partnerships between IGNITE, The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub, BioNB, Innovacorp, Bioenterprise, and Emergence who are all making positive change possible.” – Sebastian Green, Northern Regional Manager, IGNITE

“Biosresource innovation is key to a cleaner and more sustainable economy here in Atlantic Canada. The Nova Scotia Innovation Hub is pleased to work with our partners at IGNITE and BioNB on START[2020] to encourage early stage ideas and support the commercialization efforts of these innovative finalists.” – Rod Baddock, Executive Director – Nova Scotia Innovation Hub

“New Brunswick has a long history of bioresource innovation and traditional industry innovation. The five finalists represented the best innovators in the bioresource economy in Atlantic Canada and BioNB is excited to work with them and support their further growth even after the START[2020] competition.” – Jennifer O’Donnell, Executive Director – BioNB

“Marine and terrestrial bioresources, including waste streams and co-products, are still an untapped source of sustainable, functional, bio-based products for applications across human, animal, and fish health and nutrition, bio-materials and bio-energy. Atlantic Canada is quickly developing the infrastructure, expertise, and commercial value chains to turn these opportunities into business successes.” – Rory Francis, CEO – PEI BioAlliance

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