Opportunities in New Brunswick’s Ocean Economy

Andrew Byrne March 5, 2021























On the 16th of February, BioNB, along with our partners, Huntsman Marine Science Centre, Valorēs, Ocean Supercluster (OSC) and Ocean Startup Project co-hosted the New Brunswick Ocean Strategy: Realizing our Opportunities in the Blue Economy event. With over 100 attendees, the conversations that took place between industry, academia and government attendees showcased just how important the ocean ecosystem is to New Brunswick.

Hosted by our very own Jennifer O’Donnell and Huntsman Marine Science Centre’s Jamey Smith, the event had leaders from  Cooke Inc., Homarus, Kognitiv Spark, InnovaSea, Corbo Engineering and the OSC speak about the challenges they face and thus the opportunities for innovation in ocean industry. It was a celebration of the already established New Brunswick ocean sector, held by New Brunswick organizations, for New Brunswick organizations.

An overarching message from the speakers: COLLABORATION. The need for collaboration at all levels of government, industry and stakeholders is key to the success of this industry if it is to be sustainable; a sentiment echoed by every speaker. As COO of Kognitiv Spark, Duncan McSporran mentioned, “We would not be where we are today without the value of partnerships.”

There were talks of success throughout and here are just a couple of numbers from the OSC and Cooke Aquaculture:











































We also heard from the New Brunswick institution, Homarus, who shared their lobster research and the new Centre Homarus which will be a state-of-the-art education and research facility in Shediac!























While this event ran a little on the long side, 3 hours, it needed to. As there were (and still are!) so many conversations to be had, we were dedicated to having enough time for both speaking and question periods. To this end, we also held 5 breakout sessions. Stay tuned for more information on our social media accounts for the outcomes from those sessions!






















New Brunswick’s new, innovative ocean economy is immense in its potential, and we are proud to be a partner in its development! If you have any questions about BioNB, New Brunswick’s ocean economy, or about any of the organizations who participated in this event, please reach out to BioNB’s Marketing & Comms Director, Andrew Byrne at abyrne@bionb.org

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