Spotlight on Cannabis and the Bioeconomy

The Future of Canada's Cannabis Industry Andrew Byrne October 23, 2019

As we have partnered with The for this campaign, we would like to congratulate them on the release of their first podcast! It has been a long time getting here for The FutureEconomy so we urge you to head to their podcast.


Greg Engel

Meaghan Seagrave

Stephen Lund

David Magee

Jennifer O’Donnell

We partnered with them and sponsored this Spotlight Series on cannabis because we know just how many opportunities this plant has already and will continue to bring to this province if we can capitalize on it now. This plant has applications in the bioeconomy, traditional sectors such as agriculture, research and development, and manufacturing.

This comes at an opportune time as BioNB and several partners have together helped foster the creation of a Provincial Cannabis Coordinator, Brennan Sisk. He will be helping facilitate cooperation and collaboration between the many stakeholders in the cannabis ecosystem: industry, academia, and government.

Don’t take our word for it though. Listen to the podcast and follow their digital accounts to hear from the experts we have chosen for this Spotlight; Greg Engel (CEO of Organigram), David MaGee (V.P. of Research at the University of New Brunswick), Meaghan Seagrave (President of 1812 Hemp), Stephen Lund (CEO of Opportunities New Brunswick), and of course our Executive Director Jennifer O’Donnell.

Listen Here

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If you have any questions about New Brunswick, BioNB, or both, you are encouraged to reach out the Andrew Byrne at either or (506) 461-7882.

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