Sylvar Technologies Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Jenny Keleher July 20, 2016

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Sylvar Technologies is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Sylvar is a New Brunswick-born bioscience company that develops and distributes environmentally safe technologies for pest management in various markets including agriculture, forestry and urban-forest settings.

Launched under the ownership of Forest Protection Limited and BioNB (formerly known as BioAtlantech), Sylvar began producing a baculovirus for the control of Balsam Fir Sawfly. In 2011 Sylvar was acquired by Andermatt Biocontrol and moved to full-scale production.

Sylvar’s goal is to become the North American leader in baculovirus production and commercialization for pest control. Looking to the future, Sylvar will begin distributing external products and hopes to launch their first agricultural product and offer a biostimulant for the first time.

Learn more about Sylvar’s history.

Visit Sylvar online.

Sylvar 10 Year infographic


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