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New Call for Proposals and Improvements to the Build in Canada Innovation Program

The latest Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) Call for Proposals is now continuously open! Jenny Keleher November 17, 2015

Along with the new Call for Proposals, the BCIP introduced significant program improvements. The new changes to the program include:

  • allowing proposals to be submitted at any time:  In the past, innovators had to wait for the next round of Calls for Proposals to submit their proposals. Now, innovators can submit their proposals at any time.  Proposals will be evaluated as soon as they are received.


  • allowing additional sales for the purpose of further testing:  Innovators with a previous BCIP contract will now have  the opportunity to further test their innovation with their existing test partner or other interested testing partners to see how it performs in different settings either.


The BCIP is excited to move ahead with these program changes and to work with innovators and testing partners in support of Canadian innovation.


Businesses can access the new Call for Proposals on Buyandsell.gc.ca/tenders.


About the BCIP

The Build in Canada Innovation Program helps companies bring their innovative pre-commercial products and services to market by procuring and testing their late stage innovations within the federal government.


Read more about the Build in Canada Innovation Program.

Learn more about the new improvements.


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