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Toward Zero Hunger

New Brunswick Data Expert Invited to Speak at Global Open Data Summit Jenny Keleher August 23, 2016

One in every nine of the world’s population suffers hunger and malnutrition! This shocking statistic was a major point of discussion at the 2012 G-8 Summit, where world leaders supported a shared commitment to achieving global food security. Since this time Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) has emerged as a major initiative to unite key stakeholders in public, private and non-profit sectors around the proactive sharing of relevant data, making it available, accessible and reusable.


From 15th to 16th September, 2016 GODAN is holding its first summit in New York inviting thought leaders, leading technology innovators and experts from agricultural agencies to discuss Open Data. One of the invited speakers is Prof Chris Baker from University of New Brunswick. Already recognized earlier this year as a finalist for the Canadian Open Data Leader of the Year he was invited to participate in the GODAN Summit to showcase data integration technology from his New Brunswick-based company IPSNP Computing Inc. While now a Professor in Computer Science and an expert in semantic data integration, Chris’s first degree was in Agriculture and Environmental Science so he is comfortable talking with agriculturalists and understands their goals.


chris bakerBaker says “There can’t be a more important issue than world hunger and if it’s the case that open access to agricultural data is the key step forward, let’s make it happen! We have to publish data in open standards to maximize data reuse by a wide spectrum of end users, inclusive of subject matter experts some of whom may have limited technical know-how.”


IPSNP Computing will have an exhibit at the event to showcase its HYDRA data federation technology developed over a 5 year period with the support of a range of Canadian funding agencies. Baker explains, “Our online data federation technology can be deployed in most any data intensive use case from healthcare to fin-tech to agriculture. We integrate data and algorithms that transform data to knowledge, making it possible to answer end user queries in real time. We also provide advanced query composition tools so non-technical experts can ask complex queries without having to understand syntax, storage locations or develop database programming skills. This is what the members of the GODAN community need”.

On his way to New York Chris will be stopping in Boston to give a talk at MIT about his technology to a community of experts in data integration. Presenting at the same venue as Chris will be another Prof from New Brunswick, Dr. Bruce Spencer who will also give a talk on artificial intelligence techniques specific to the acceleration of automated reasoning. The New Brunswick Double Bill will be on Tuesday 13th of September at MIT: click here.



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