Top 9 Tips for Writing A Successful Funding Request

admin November 3, 2013

1) Read the Eligibility Requirements

Cater to the priorities of the funding body and address all funding criteria.

2) Have someone else read it over

A friend who is outside of your industry can help identify unclear language, a particularly valuable exercise if you’re not sure who’s on the funding panel.

3) Network

Build a positive reputation in your field and community and get your name recognized.

4) Be accurate with your budget

Don’t just ask for the max grant amount, start with a list of items and work out how much they will cost for your project.

5) Explain why the research is important

Whether you’re working toward commercialization or simply contributing to the landscape of knowledge, get your readers on your side.

6) Carefully consider previous feedback

If you’ve submitted applications in the past and been rejected, investigate why you were rejected and adopt that feedback into your new submission.

7) Outline the research’s sustainability

It is important that you demonstrate your project’s life after the grant runs out. Outline other revenue streams.

8) No unexplained jargon

Balance technical language with business language in order to demonstrate your understanding of both sides of the coin.

9) Reach out to the funding panel

Connect with those decision makers to get a better understanding of their expectations. Or connect with someone that is familiar with the funding landscape like BioAtlantech. We’d be happy to help!

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