Two NB Companies Have Great Experiences with CTA @Boston, Urge Companies to Apply for 2015 Program

Canadian Technology Accelerator Application Deadline January 22nd, 2015 admin January 14, 2015

The Canadian Technology Accelerator in Boston (CTA @ Boston) is a 4-month immersion program that connects your business to the unique resources and contacts in New England to help accelerate your growth. Click here to learn more.

Leading up to the January 22nd application deadline for CTA @ Boston 2015, BioNB has featured ChemGreen and IPSNP in “Under the Microscope”. Both companies had excellent experiences in last year’s CTA @ Boston accelerator and feel like many companies would benefit from the experience.

“The chance to get away to connect with people who want to know your story is hugely transformational,” said Chris Baker, CEO of IPSNP. Baker is a co-founder of the bioinformatics company with an innovative search engine with applications across many industries including pharmaceuticals. At the time of interview Baker was participating in the Canadian Technology Accelerator in Boston, a hub for many pharmaceutical giants. Click here to learn more about Baker’s experience in Boston and how he’s building IPSNPs.

Nauman Farooqi, Mount Allison University professor and CEO of ChemGreen, also participated in the Boston Accelerator.He described the environment as one that fosters a “cross-polination” of ideas. He appreciated the exposure to mentors that granted him access to clients and collaborators. “Rather than spending a whole bunch of time trying to figure out how the whole system works over here,” he says, “they have been able to provide us with the lay of the land nad allow us to hit the ground running which is a really significant value”. ChemGreen has developed a unique polymer production process that will allow partners to remove dangerous by-products from their production and recycle much of thr waste back into the process.Click here to learn more about Dr. Farooqi’s experience in Boston and ChemGreen’s next steps.

Click here to learn more about CTA @ Boston.

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