Update: Global Scientific Community Condemns Destruction of Golden Rice Field Trial

Scientists create petition to send a message to anti-GMO activists, politicians, and others admin September 13, 2013

You will recall August’s BioAtlantech blog post┬ácondemming the destruction of a crucial field trial for Golden Rice, a food source that plans to help alleviate vitamin A deficiencies in developing nations and around the world. This is expected to save hundreds of thousands of lives, and take some pressure off over worked and under funded health systems. BioAtlantech called upon the community to speak out against anti-intellectualism and ignorance toward “franken foods” and other biotechnologies with huge potential for addressing real world issues.

The Golden Rice attack has prompted a strong response from the scientific community. A group has created an online petition to “stop the destruction of field trials of GM crops”. At the end of August the petition had already collected 5,000 signatures, a good indication of the support for this cause.

This isn’t a plea to ask you to sign the petition, but rather to remind you that the voice of reason and intellectualism can be loud, focused, and a force for positive change.

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