Update: Golden Rice Field Trial Destroyed by Activists

Anti-GMO Voices Not Backing Off admin August 14, 2013

Research for  “golden rice” that could help millions of vitamin A deficient children has been set back several months after protesters destroy field trials in the Philippines. Atrocities like these are perpetuated by the countless anti-GMO bloggers and activists whose voices are louder and more emotionally appealing than the voices of the scientific community. Furthermore, the GMO-labelling movement is gaining inceased traction, further lending legitimacy to the anti-GMO camp.

Some are still fighting the good fight like popular family and food blogger Sarah, and Slate Magazine who debunked Elle Magazine’s notorious anti-GMO corn article. The more pro-GMO articles and opinions that pop up on the average joe’s Twitter and Facebook feed, the better. Maybe one day a high-profile celebrity will join our fight for intellectualism and really make a difference (we wish that weren’t necessary!).

Hopefully one day the anti-GMO mindset will be a thing of the past like the anti-vaccination movement. BioAtlantech encourages our partners to tweet, post, blog, and sky-write about this and other important biotechnology issues. After all, it’s the quantity of voices, not the quality, that wins out. Right?

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