What is Bioscience?

Bioscience is a term covering a broad range of scientific activities used in many industrial sectors, such as food, health, forestry and agriculture. It involves the use of living organisms or parts of living organisms to provide new methods of production, new products or the modification of human health and the human environment. Bioscience is the application of knowledge of how living organisms function to manufacturing, research and services.

Bioscience has presented us with new knowledge, products and methods such as:

  • New vaccines to prevent disease;
  • Genetically modified plants with resistance to pests;
  • Repair of damaged organs and tissues and improved detection of diseases;
  • Treatments for human infertility;
  • Bacteria capable of cleaning up oil spills; and
  • Environmentally friendly biofuels.

Innovation in the biosciences addresses global challenges in health care, agriculture and the environment.